Water aerobics is the fun and easy way to exercise.  Use the water's 360 degree resistance to see results 12-14 times faster than land training!  

See why training in the water is better than land by trying 2 free classes today! 

The Hubbard Community Pool offers both Shallow Water and Deep Water Aerobic classes. Each class uses motivational music along with an energized instructor to push you to your fitness goals!  

Water exercise has long been the norm for European cultures and is starting to take off here in the US. Simply being in water is proven to lower blood pressure and resting heart rates! Add a cardio toning or interval training class and you can achieve amazing results!  Water is far more dense than air and provides 360 degrees of resistance. 

This class is for participants 16+ and able to perform exercise easily. These classes are moderate to hard intensity.

What's the difference between Shallow Water and Deep Water? 

Shallow Water offers minimal impact even with high intensity moves like running and jumping.  It allows you to do far more in the water with a greater range of motion than most people can achieve on land which helps improve flexibility and muscle tone.  Participants feet touch the ground the majority of the time.  At times, instructors will demonstrate suspended moves which are optional but offer great benefits to those able to scull and engage the core.  Appropriate water depth is between the belly button and mid-chest level.

Deep water offers a ZERO IMPACT workout environment where the feet never touch the pool bottom.  This is not a class for those fearful of the water; however, you do not need to be an excellent swimmer to attend.  Participants are supported by a buoyancy belt for the duration of the workout.  Deep water fitness is great for knees, hips and back since there is no impact on these joints.  It is also a very core driven workout because to remain upright you will engage the core throughout the workout from warm up to cool down!  

What type of equipment do you use in your classes?

For our group exercise classes we offer hand buoys (buoyant dumbbells), webbed gloves and noodles.  We offer premium exercise equipment for our premium classes such as hand cuffs, aquatic boxing gloves, leg resistance cuffs, resistance bands and many more.  View Premium Classes!