The next session begins JUNE 5, 2023

Registration opens APRIL 17, 2023

Group lessons will run in 8 week sessions. We will no longer be issuing monthly billing. You will pay per session, and the total amount will be required at registration.

Each session for Beginner & Advanced Beginner Lessons is $100 for the entire 8 weeks. Parent/Child will be $50


September/October Group Lessons

Registrations Open Monday August 1 and Close Friday August 26

Parent/Child - Saturday September 3 to Saturday October 15

Beginners - Monday August 29 to Wednesday October 19

Advanced - Tuesday August 30 to Thursday October 20


November/December Group Lessons

Registrations Open Monday September 26 and Close Friday October 21

Parent/Child - Saturday October 29 to Saturday December 17

Beginners - Monday October 24 to Wednesday December 14

Advanced - Tuesday October 25 to Thursday December 15


February/March Group Lessons

Registrations Open Monday January 2 and Close Friday January 27

Parent/Child - Saturday February 4 to Saturday March 25

Beginners - Monday January 30 to Wednesday March 22

Advanced - Tuesday January 31 to Thursday March 23


April/May Group Lessons

Registrations Open Monday February 27 and Close Friday March 24

Parent/Child - Saturday April 1 to Saturday May 20

Beginners - Monday March 27 to Wednesday May 17

Advanced - Tuesday March 28 to Thursday May 18


  • Details of each skill group will be laid out on the website(Kraken and Pool) to help you determine which group best suits your child.
    • Students will be given a swim test on their first day of lessons to assess their skills to determine which group they will be in (Beginner, Advanced Beginner).
  • If your child participates in any session and renews for the following session in the same group, they will continue where they left off on their progress card. They will not be required to start over.
    • In order for your child to move up in a skill group, they will be given a swim test to ensure they have mastered everything required for them to safely move on.
  • We encourage you to use our “come in your suit & leave wet” protocol while the weather is  nice and avoid the locker room if at all possible. This is not required! The locker rooms are open and able to be used.
  • We will be introducing progress cards for each student. 
    • We will also be issuing Achievement Wrist Bands to your child when they complete a certain skill set. You can find the breakdown of what skills must be mastered to earn certain coloredbands below.
  • A photo release has been added to the registration process.



Parent/Child Lessons - Saturdays @ 11AM
Parent/Child lessons are designed to introduce infants and toddlers to the pool and to be comfortable in the water. Research shows that children frequently exposed to water for the first few years of life are more likely to learn to swim and be comfortable in the water as they get older.
These lessons are guided by an instructor to help parents introduce their child(ren) to the water. Parents are required to be in the water with their child(ren).
For ages 6mo - 36mo.

Beginner Group - Monday & Wednesday 6-6:30PM OR 6:30-7PM
Beginner lessons are a child's first step to learning to be safe in and around the water and becoming a strong, independent swimmer. The children will learn how to float on their back and stomach, kick, tread water, and swim on their front and back. Participants must be able to sit on the side of the pool without their parents being on the pool deck and be able to follow instructions.
Students who receive Free/Reduced lunch at school are eligible for reduced lesson prices. Proper documentation must be provided.
All classes are closed to provide the best way for the child to learn independence in the water. 
For ages 3yrs - 8yrs.

Here is a breakdown of what skills are needed for each color bands:


  • Sit on pool edge with feet in water
  • Enter and exit pool using steps, ladder, and side of pool
  • Blow bubbles through nose and mouth
  • Bobbing(fully submerged)


  • Back float
  • Front float


  • Jump into pool assisted
  • Jump into pool unassisted
  • Vertical float/tread


  • Recover to back float
  • Recover to vertical float/tread
  • Recover to float/tread and return to wall

For students to move on to Advanced Lessons they must master the following - jump into pool unassisted, recover to tread for 10 seconds, return to the wall, and exit the pool. 

Advanced Group - Tuesday & Thursday 6PM-6:30PM
Once a child can swim a half-length of the pool, they are ready for Advanced Lessons.
Lessons will include further development of the freestyle stroke with rotary breathing and building the child's endurance level to swim a full length of the pool. We will also introduce backstroke, diving, and flip turns.
Children who complete the Advanced Beginner Lessons will have the knowledge and skills needed to be safe in and around the water. They will also be well prepared to join our Competition Team.
Students who receive Free/Reduced lunch at school are eligible for reduced lesson prices. Proper documentation must be provided.
All classes are closed to provide the best way for the child to learn independence in the water.
For ages 4yrs - 10yrs.

Here is a breakdown of what skills are needed for each color bands:

  • Streamline
  • Front/back float in streamline
  • Front kick in streamline


  • Back kick in streamline


  • Rotary breathing
  • Front crawl/freestyle


  • Backstroke


  • Freestyle flip turn


  • Backstroke flip turn


  • Kneeling shallow dive
  • Standing shallow dive


***Currently, there is an extensive wait list for private lessons***
Kraken Swimming also offers private lessons for individuals and small groups up to 4 students. To sign up for private lessons, please come into the pool, complete the form, and pay in full. We will then have one of our instructors contact you to schedule your lessons. 

It's $200 for 4 hours of private lessons for one child and $25 per swimmer for any more than that. Two swimmers $200, three swimmers $300, four swimmers $400. You can take them in four 1 hour lessons, or eight 1/2 hour lessons.