The Hubbard Pool provides premium aquatic fitness classes to help you lead a healthier life.  Many of us know that water is the best place for exercise and we hope to be able to offer an aquatic fitness class for everyone.  Our goal is to share the love of aquatic fitness that will lead to healthier lives.  We often hear from our clients how much better they feel. 

So why is aquatic fitness so great?  Everyone has different goals, so that question is hard to answer, but our clients tell us:

  • "It's an hour where i'm pain free due to my arthritis"
  • "It's an environment where I can work on my balance"
  • "My doctor said it's great for lowering my cholesterol and decreasing my blood pressure"
  • "I've lost weight and improved flexibility"
  • "I'm less prone to injuries and stay healthier throughout the year"
Whatever the reason you want to try an aquatic fitness class, we are sure you will enjoy our premium classes the most because they are offered in a small group setting where you get individualized attention.  The instructor will be able to help you make sure you're doing the exercises right and help you track your progress.  You can ask them questions directly related to you!

Is a Premium Class right for me?  
if you are looking for that something different that will also make you feel great, then the answer is YES. Keep in mind that in addition to the specialized attention, you will also be privy to use some of our specialized equipment too.  Basic group exercise classes are limited in what equipment they are able to use, so try one of the following Small Group Premium Classes and start leading a healthier life:

 8 Classes for: 
Drop in price- $10/ Class
Member- $40
SilverSneakers/Prime, Silver & Fit, Silver & Active. Optum Fitness- $50