Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi

"Just a note to say how much I enjoy the Pi-Yo-Chi class.  The three in combination in the water was easier, as it improves balance, coordination and muscle strength.  The meditation at the end of the sessions gives your body the relaxation and peace of mind you need in this hectic world.  I would recommend these sessions to everyone - men and women alike!" - Doris Almasy July 2, 2012

I have been taking the Pi-Yo-Chi classes for eight sessions.  I have noticed an improvement in my balance.  I have had problems with vertigo and although I still experience it, it is greatly improved.  I also suffer from shortness of breath.  Since taking the classes, which include breathing exercises, my breathing has also improved.  Most importantly, I thoroughly enjoy the classes and am already enrolled in the next session." - Lee Nigro July 5, 2012


"I love the smell of chlorine in the morning! (Just kidding.)  HydroSpinning is a fantastic way to tone.  The motions change quickly and it's never boring.  Spinning just 2 days a week has made all my clothes fit better.  My husband not only noticed but actually said: 'Your legs look nice'.  It also takes me less time to do my house work; I go up and down the steps a little faster and tire less quickly.  Thank you for bringing HydroSpin to Hubbard." - Patti F July 23, 2012


"I cannot believe how much my strength and endurance have improved since my first Tabata class!  -Michelle B.   January 2014

"After several years of doing the water aerobic classes I decided to try Tabata.  It is a high intensity workout, and the most demanding exercise I have done in a very long time.  At times I thought my heart or lungs would burst and I was exhausted after each class.  Now after just 8 sesions I have made more progress than I could imagine.  My cardio is better and I can tell some muscle has developed in my arms, I notice the difference when I lift things in the course of a normal day.  I would like to have this class offered continually.  Between Craig's wonderful "prompts" and the fast driving music you cannot help but push yourself to the limit, and that to me is what exercise should be." -Barb Kline January 2014