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Aquatic Director, Craig Yaniglos to Present at International Aquatic Fitness Conference.

Our very own Aquatic Director has been selected as one of the top 75 presenters in the world for the 2015 International Aquatic Fitness Conference, IAFC, in May.  IAFC is the largest and most prestigious aquatic fitness conference in the world with countries such as Portugal, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Argentina and many more in attendance.  Each year the selection committee chooses certified instructors that are making positive changes in the aquatic community and creating cutting edge programs they feel can help advance the field.  

Yaniglos first presented Hi-Lo Combat in 2013 and received great reviews from fellow presenters and attendees.  Yaniglos said, “It was such a great experience to present to the world in 2013.  I opted not to apply in 2014 due to a very busy schedule but am so happy to have been selected this year for my new formats, Aquatic PlyoJam and Latin Intensity.”  Yaniglos leaves in early May for the week long conference in Palm Harbor, FL.  Although he is a presenter, he will also be learning and bringing back the latest trends in aquatic fitness to continue to make the Hubbard Pool programming the best in the area.  Congratulations to Mr. Yaniglos and best of luck representing the Hubbard Pool!

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