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Raise the bar Youngstown

It seems we have all come to accept mediocrity and it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “is this what I really?” We have become a society where you can just say you tried and it’s accepted. It’s time to reassess and raise the bar. Why be good at 10 things when you can be great at 1 or 2? Luckily we are here to help. The Hubbard Pool has raised the bar in aquatic fitness and in swimming. We are the industry leader for all things aquatic in the Youngstown area and we are proud of that. But we aren’t finished yet. We are elevating our swim program now. All children need to know how to swim. So please head over to our swimming website www.krakenswimming.com to learn about all we offer. Those not serious about swimming should choose our Swim Lessons program. Those wanting more should look at the Age Group section and those over 18 should check out Masters. We are the only facility to offer all of this for a low monthly fee and provide professional coaching at all levels. #makethebetterchoice #jointoday #krakenswimming #hubbardpool #usaswimming

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Swim Lessons vs Dance Lessons

I understand that to some dance is a very big thing just like swimming is for me. However, the thing I cannot figure out is why people think swimming lessons should be free or super cheap? Now I’m not just picking on dance here but merely using it as an example. Fill in karate, baton, gymnastics, etc.

A friend of mine just said to me that baton costs her almost $30 per month and only for one day per week at 30 minutes a lesson. So let’s compare! The Hubbard community pool offers swimming lessons four days per week for 30 minutes for a mere $57.50 for a beginner group and $67.50 for our advanced/intermediate groups. Oh and the intermediate/advanced groups practice for 50 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes. Some may think this is expensive however it is only about $4 per lesson and you are teaching your child a life-saving skill.

The statistics are real. Accidental drownings are the number two killer of children under the age of 14. This is alarming for our country and I cannot stress enough how important swimming lessons are for every child. If you are reading this blog and your child is not signed up and swimming lessons please go to our website www.krakenswimming.com and sign up today.

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Shallow water aerobics is a hot item today. #mondayfunday #iloveaqua #aquafitness #hubbardpool (at Hubbard Community Pool)

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Premium classes offer smaller class sizes and better instruction.  Instructors are trained to teach very well prepared classes that offer even more benefits than just our regular group classes.  Click here to hear real testimonials from our clients.

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