An affordable option to provide swimming lessons to small groups.  Groups consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 swimmers.  Instructors will be either intermediate or expert level and offer far more individual attention than a traditional group lesson setting where the student to instructor ratio is approximately 8 or 10 to 1.  

  1. You pick the swimmers -- siblings, cousins, friends, etc.  (remember, no more than 4 in a group)
  2. You schedule directly with the instructor on a schedule that works for everyone.  
  3. More affordable than custom lessons.
  4. Low instructor to student ratio to provide quick results.



See a front desk personnel
Fill out a "Spotlight Lesson Request Form"
Prepay for the number of hours you wish to purchase
Minimum of 4 hours must be purchased!
Instructor will contact you within one week.

Concerns or questions? Call the front desk 330-272-9901

Intermediate $20 per hour per swimmer
 Advanced $25 per hour per swimmer
 Expert $35 per hour per swimmer

 **Four hour minimum purchase**